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2019-10-21 15:58

Posts of picturesvideos of your kits, reviews, tips, and gunpla news are most welcome! Current events. Gunpla Wiki Useful information. Q& A thread. MS06R Zaku II High Mobility Type (Reuse P Device) MG Psycho Zaku Ver. Ka, Sieg Zeon! More photos in comments. ReZEL Type C (Defenser B)(GR) submitted 1 month ago by wjapple. 13 commentsJan 14, 2011 MG 1100 RGZ95C ReZEL Commander Type Review (Part A) Review by Schizophonic9 san (View Review HERE ) MG 1100 RGZ95C ReZEL Commander Type (Release Date: Jan. 2011, Price: 5000 Yen) GG INFINITE: PREORDER ITEM rezel type c mg review

I just receive a commissioning job from a friend for an MG ReZEL (not the commander type tho) so I'll be updating this post along the way; ) Manufacturer: Bandai Scale: 1100 Grade: MG Quick Review Inner Frame. Plastic quality is excellent! Movement and posability is excellent too, for a transformable MS! Articulations.

Mar 21, 2013 MG 1100 ReZEL TypeC Defenser a b Unit [GR Released In Japan! MG 1100 ReZEL TypeC Defenser a b Unit [GR well if you look at the prices for both the rezel and the rezel commander mg kits theyre about yen after the price drop. so for this kit its another 2500 yen more for the extra plastic which makes up the Aug 11, 2013 The ReZel is a badass don't let anything persuade you to think otherwise. However throughout this year we have seen some greats. The ReZel just doesn't qualify to be in that class though. Its not the best model of the year or the worst model of the year at that.rezel type c mg review Oct 23, 2017 Here's the MasterGrade 1100 scale ReZel Type C [Defenser ab Unit. I really like this kit! The transformation is tricky but it looks great! 1365 MG ZZ Gundam Ver. Ka (OOB Review

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And heres the one that is used on the Type C. Actually, thats the only difference between the kits until you get to the side skirts and backpack. The side skirts on the ReZEL Type C use parts found on these runners unique to the Type C. rezel type c mg review Jul 05, 2016 Hey there folks. It's another MG kit from Daban. This time it's the Rezel Type C. Before anything else I'd like to state again that if you have the money get the Bandai original we owe it to them in order to keep Gundam and Gunpla a viable buisiness venture. Okay without further ado this is my review for the Daban Rezel Type C. MG ReZEL Review 75. 7. Posted by S2 on Nov 4 2010. I am a really fan of ReZEL, I am trying to get some money to get the Commander Type HG, since the MG its too much for me. I am also trying desperatily to get the Kshatriya, one of my favorite designs ever, I

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