Yonex nanospeed 9000 type s review

2019-10-22 01:56

Jun 18, 2011 The selling point of this racquet is the elastic titanium, which is the first Yonex racquet to incorporate this material. One can be put off by its rating of extra stiffness. However, don't let the flex scare you, once you have the right technique and able to get behind the shuttle, this racquet allows you to be in beast mode especially in theAmazon. in: Buy Yonex Badminton NANOSPEED 9000 online at low price in India on Amazon. in. Check out Yonex Badminton NANOSPEED 9000 reviews, ratings, specifications and more at Amazon. in. Free Shipping, Cash on Delivery Available. yonex nanospeed 9000 type s review

With the YONEX Racquet Matrix, you can be 100 that the racquet in your hand is the perfect choice for your game. Make sure that your YONEX racquet is strung for optimum performance by following our precise Stringing Instructions, and selecting the perfect string for your game with our String Matrix.

In summary, the Yonex Nanospeed 9900 is a very good racquet. The technology behind this racquet has created a very strong but light head delivering tremendous speed and power. At RRP 170 its the most expensive racquet in the Yonex range alongside Arcsaber 10. Jan 27, 2006 Typo on brochure There seems to be a typo on the NS 9000 brochure. For both Type X or S, the 3U version has stringing recommendation between 1727lbs, but in the parenthesis it's converted to 7. 510kg.yonex nanospeed 9000 type s review The Yonex NanoSpeed 2000 (NS2000) Blue badminton racket is a little head light racket good for allaround type of play. Easy to adjust and has a very nice balance feel.

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This is my brief review on Yonex Nanospeed 9000 s type. To read the review more, you can catch ants on NS 9000 Type X and S on BadmintonCentral. com reviews. Review of Type X Yonex Nanospeed 9000. Review of Type S Yonex Nanospeed 9000. Heard of this new series of Yonex, called ArcSaber. One of the series, ArcSaber 7 was published a few months yonex nanospeed 9000 type s review NanoSpeed 9000 SType (OffAll ) tested with BG65 Ti at 22 lb same as type X except: softer shaft gives better repulsion. Performance will be determined by the combination of the racket, string type and string tension. Was this review helpful to you? Yonex's incredible inhouse research and development team is constantly pushing the boundaries of product design to ensure that they are the frontrunners when it comes to technological advances in badminton racquets. Review Yonex Nanospeed 9000 Type X: Extra Stiff Type S: Stiff. : Yonex Nanoseep 9000 Type X Sep 23, 2011 It's also roughly similar to a Nanospeed 9000 type S but the balance point is a fraction more headlight. To put things into perspective, I am benchmarking this racquet against Ti10 and NS9900. The NS9900 and Ti10 are somewhat tough on the joints owing to the lightness of the head and offers little resistance during the follow through

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