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This review contains elements of game play, but does not spoil the overall story Might& Magic: Clash of Heroes is a turn based RPG in which you maneuver idle units in horizontal or vertically lines of 3 to create active attacking units or walls, respectively.Clash of Heroes Review 18 Steam Clash is a strategic clash battle game which requires smart tactics: you need to train a mighty army and deploy them as well as towers and weapons to right places. review clash of heroes

Apr 27, 2011  Might& Magic: Clash of Heroes is a devilishly addictive game that blends RPG and puzzle elements into one deep, devious and delightful package. Franchise name Heroes of

Review: Might& Magic: Clash of Heroes. If you were into the DS version, this highdef remake is worth playing thanks to the new handdrawn art alone. It's gorgeous and frighteningly smooth. With so many characters on screen at once, Clash of Heroes really does feel like a great fit for larger screens. Might& Magic: Clash of Heroes is possibly the best kept secret of 2010. The game offers fantastic strategic battles, combined with interesting puzzle elements. Because the battles are easy to learn, but quite difficult to master, strategy fans will love this clash of heroes Battles in Clash or Heroes are intricate, matchthree puzzle affairs with loads of strategic depth. Despite the similar name, Clash of Heroes isn't quite a Heroes of Might& Magic game.

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I gave Might& Magic: Clash of Heroes a low rating, but the shame is that there is a really good game underneath all the mess. The puzzlebased battle mechanic is a great combination of the addictive aspects of casual games like Candy Crush with turnbased RPGs like Vandal Hearts. review clash of heroes Clash of Heroes is a game similar to Puzzle kingdoms or Puzzle Quest II. It's nothing too fancy but it does work. It's for casual gamers and Clash of Heroes is a game similar to Puzzle kingdoms or Puzzle Quest II. Clash of Heroes stems from the Might& Magic franchise but takes it into a completely different direction with puzzlestrategybased gameplay and a fairly selfcontained storyline from the rest of Dec 08, 2009  The first game in the Might& Magic series to find its way to Nintendos dualscreened handheld, MIGHT& MAGIC: CLASH OF HEROES is a thoroughly original turnbased strategy game that adds a dash of matchthree puzzling to the mix. After being introduced to a fairly typical cast of fantasy heroes, including humans, elves, and wizards, players To call Clash of Heroes a great game is an understatement. Simply put, its one of the best games Ive ever played. Capybara Games has taken simple, fun ideas and wrapped them in a beautiful box.

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