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2019-10-22 01:55

So it seemed to make perfect sense to trust in the purchase of a new Yamaha BDS1065 bluray player (400) for our developing home theatre system. But unfortunately, that trust was completely shattered when I connected and evaluated the BDS1065.The Yamaha RXV1065 is one of the newer receivers out of the AV giant and is retailing for just under a grand. Over the previous Yamaha offerings you are gaining a brand new GUI and an HDMI inputs. Let our rigorous testing and reviews be your guidelines to AV equipment not marketing slogans yamaha bds 1065 review

Yamaha BDS1065 Bluray Player Review: Bluray DVD Performance: Music Performance and Conclusion: Page 1 of 3. Right at the core of the price point, Yamaha BDS1065 Bluray player enters against some stiff highend competition.

Bluray Performance: After running Spears and Munsils handforged Bluray test disc on the Yamaha BDS1065, which passed with flying colors with jaggies, detail, and audio tests, and fairly well with deinterlacing, it was time to send the player through a gamut of Bluray disc tests that span across both subtle drama and bold action. Yamaha BDS1065 overview and full product specs on CNET.yamaha bds 1065 review The BDS1065 is one of Yamaha's most recent Bluray models (the other being the BDS1900), and is also the least expensive model in their lineup. Reviews Video Players Reviews Bluray Players. Up Next Sony BDPN460 Networked Bluray Player. Yamaha BDS1065 Bluray Player. Tyler Stripko and Adrian Wittenberg March 4, 2010. Bluray Players

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Step 2: Write a detailed review Tips: Make sure to include your initial thoughts on using the product, any observations and potentially any issues you might have run into while using it. yamaha bds 1065 review Oct 29, 2009  Yamaha recently added two new models to its Bluray lineup. The BDS1065 is the least expensive of the two, priced at 599. 95. We have not performed a handson review Oct 06, 2009 Yamaha RXV1065 review The RXV1065 is a seriously good multichannel receiver, and a major return to form for Yamaha Tested at 700. 00 Bluray Player Reviews at Home Theater Review: One of two new Yamaha Bluray players, the BDS1065 (599. 95) is a Profile 2. 0 player with BDLive and BonusView support. This model offers Jul 19, 2010 Yamaha BPS1065 review In its own right this is a great Bluray player, but we simply can't recommend it at such an exorbitant price Tested at 460. 00

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