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Review of Merit's M19 DiamondT Tank Transporter I'm doing reviews, howtos and other articles about mostly armour models in 1: 35, although I'll cheerfully doFeb 12, 2015  Merit M19 DiamondT tank transporter. Whether its tracked or wheeled, this is the place for it. International Scale Modeller [email protected] Pauls Video buildsreviews for eModels. co. uk Kit Reviews Aircraft reviews Armour Reviews Road Vehicle Reviews merit diamond t tank transporter review

Jan 05, 2014 A quick inbox review of Merit's new M19 DiamondT tank transporter. Apologies for the sniffs I'm full of snot at the moment!

1 35 m19 diamond tank transporter decals part2 for british and polish units in italy 1 35 us m19 tank transporter hard top cab 1 35 white 666 cargo truck hobby boss merit u s m19 tank transporter The British, both working on their own efforts that resulted in the Scammell heavy truck and tank transporter, also contacted the US Diamond T truck company in 1940 to develop a heavy tank transporter capable of moving tanks weighing up to 45 tons (the Scammell initially could handle 20 ton tanks, and later 30 ton loads).merit diamond t tank transporter review May 11, 2014 135 M19 Tank Transporter (Diamond T ) Merit International LLC Catalogue Number. Available from All good Hobby Shops. Retail 89. 99. Imported into the UK by Pocketbond Ltd Yes, I've gone all Diamond t crazy of late! ! Truth is, I am a fan of all WW2 military equipment, being the proud owner of a '44 GPW and having a friend with a

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Mar 19, 2004 Scroll down to the Diamond T Tractor articles, hit the telecharger toutes les photos button. It takes you to another page and click the button again to download a zip file of the pictures) Also, here's my post how to backdate the Merit Diamond 981 to the earlier 980: merit diamond t tank transporter review The newsfeed doesn't contain any items. More about the M19 Tank Transporter truck. The M19 Tank Transporterpage contains all related products, articles, books, walkarounds and plastic scale modeling projects dedicated this vehicle. This topic is categorised under: Vehicles Trucks M19 Tank Transporter The Diamond T Tank Transporter was a heavy tank transporter, used in World War II and the following years. Designed as a heavy prime mover for tank transporting, the Diamond T 980 was the product of the Diamond T Company in Chicago. Diamond T Motor Car Company of Chicago, Ill. , produced a unit that met British as well as U. S. Army standards: the 12ton 6 x 4 M20 Diamond T Model 981 and M9 45ton trailer. Together they were known as the M19 tank transporter. Merit International has made a U. S. WW II M19 Tank Transporter (M20 Diamond T& M9 Rogers 45Ton Trailer. Technical Manual Series Nr. 6018. Hobby Boss and Merit tank transporters though, and some were very close to it. 19. September 2014 at 17: 02: 17. Frank Krause added the Merit International M19 Tank Transporter with Hard Top Cab in 1: 35 to his wishlist.

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