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May 17, 2016  Z Review Fostex TH900 (The Red Sexy's) Z Reviews. Z Review FOSTEX TH900 Mk2 into Lawtons Mods [Wood Gods? Fostex TH900 Making Movie SAKAMOTO URUSHI MANUFACTURINGCOWe have completely the wrong view of Fostex. When called on to discuss the brand, most of us think of those funky cassette PortaStudios of the 1980s and 1990s that saw many a muso make a mint. As a consequence, we are lodged in this mindset that Fostexhigh value, low cost pro gear. fostex th900 urushi review

Disclaimer: A big thank you to SCV London for loaning me the TH900 for this review! This flagship model is the first highend headphone from Fostex and retails for 1499. The first thing to wow you about this headphone is the pretty pretty red paint job. This is Urushi lacquer and this

I had a lot of trouble writing this review, but not for the usual reasons. I wasn't ambivalent, nor did I find myself struggling for words to describe my experience. It was that I knew that as soon as this posts, I'll have to put these back in the box they came in, and ship them back off to Fostex. Fostex TH900 MK2 Review The TH900 MK2 comes in a huge box that contains the headphones, a removable cable, and a headphone stand. In my hands and on my head, the headphones feel solid, with aluminum extension bars and thick pleather padding on the headband and earcups.fostex th900 urushi review The TH900 is the first highend headphones form Fostex featuring the newly designed driver unit with1. 5 tesla (15, 000 gauss) magnetic circuit and biodynamic 50mm diaphragm, traditional Japanese lacquered Urushi finished craftsmanship housing and selected 7N OFC cable.

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The stock TH900 cups as designed by Fostex were made of Japanese cherry birch with Urushi lacquer. The manufacturing process on the cups alone is painfully slow, fostex th900 urushi review Fostex TH900 Review February 8, 2015. When Fostex TH900 and TH600 were announced it lead to high levels of excitement in the audiophile communities. The housings are finished by the traditional Urushi lacquer (a. k. a. Japan) by a 100 years old artisan group. The finish used for the TH900 is called Bordeaux and is simply Review: Fostex TH900 originally published on November 25, 2013 revised& republished on December 29, 2013 download a printable 10page PDF version of this review (target goes to a location on my Dropbox) (click for larger photo) Intro I first heard the Fostex TH900 at [email protected] 2012 in October, which was a costly mistake. The TH900 Premium Stereo Headphones from Fostex feature a newly designed driver unit with a 15, 000 gauss magnetic circuit and biodynamic 2inch diaphragm. These highend headphones feature a traditional Japanese lacquered Urushi finish. The cords are made from 7N grade OFC and the 14inch stereo plug features a gold coating.

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