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May 23, 2008  Pausing and restarting is such an integral part of games like PGR and GRID, where you want to begin every race perfectly, that it surely can't be long before someone binds itRace Driver: GRID View gallery 10 images July 22, 2008 Codemasters returned to their prior reputable standing as racing game developers with the release of Colin McRae DIRT last June. race driver grid xbox review

Once upon a time, the Race Driver series had been the closest competitor to the Gran Turismo series, but Grid leaves all of its simracing history behind in favor of a sleeker, faster, more

Jun 03, 2008  Racer Driver: Grid really sets new standards for the racing genre on the Xbox 360, its fast and furious, certainly doesnt lack realism and has that just one more go appeal to it. All this publication's reviews Jun 08, 2008  Race Driver: GRID may have left the TOCA name behind, but its still full of the same qualities and importantly the same attitude that drove its antecedents.race driver grid xbox review Codemasters' Race Driver series has long put the emphasis on making the driver, not the cars, the stars of the show. Grid is the spiritual successor to this series, and though it still offers you

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Jun 10, 2008 The first Codemasters racing game we were introduced to on the Xbox 360 was Colin McRae: DIRT. The game was visually stunning, and Codemasters had tweaked every drop of performance they could get race driver grid xbox review When looking at automotive titles with a critical eye, one tends to notice the small things. Details like graphical upgrades, turn mechanics, vehicle rosters, and track designs are most likely to catch the attention of automotive fans. May 30, 2008 Ryan Geddes talks about the new racing game called Grid for PS3& XBOX 360. Out now in stores. The series has definitely not slowed down after all these years, and the latest entry in the series, Race Driver: GRID, looks to take the series' precisionbased gameplay to new heights while maintaining the series' trademark look and feel. Jun 16, 2008 While Grid is the spiritual successor to the Pro Race Driver and TOCA Race Driver games, it bears little resemblance to any of them under the hood. Cars will fly around the circuits at breakneck speeds, careening off of walls and tire stacks with regularity. The pure sense of speed is second to none on the console.

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