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Jan 01, 2012 So, this thread is a full test of 2 x 600 PRO EL 400V lamps and 1 x Pro LEP 300. I will of course run a full journal for this. Incase anyone is unsure of these the 600 pro uses a 600w 400v el lamp. Higher par photon output than a normal 220 v hps. And the LEP is a 300 w light emitting plasma.The Gavita Pro 270e LEP utilizes a new emitter design that allows for a more compact fixture design, making it lighter and smaller than the Pro 300 LEP model. The Pro 270e LEP is equipped with a Master Controller input to be able to switch the fixture on and off together with your HPS eseries fixtures. gavita pro 300 lep eu review

Nov 02, 2011 No, they are very good for flowering, but you must remember that they are only around 180w of light output so one shouldn't aim to be getting much more than 180g from a single LEP 300.

Gavita Pro 300 LEP 41. 01 plasma light is designed to have more blue spectrum, and less red spectrum. For that reason they call the Gavita Pro 300 LEP 41. 01 plasma the supplemental HPS bloom because the blue of the plasma helps supplement the intense red of the HPS. I see I'll have to take that in to consideration, I am planning on using 2) Blackstar 240w leds in conjunction with another light haven't decided which one possibly the gavita LEP or a LEC, to supplement the areas where the LEDs are lacking.gavita pro 300 lep eu review Gavita Pro 300 LEP 41. 02 plasma light is rated at 5600k and is designed to be used in all phases of plant growth. Integrated UVB and IR spectra for maximum potency and replication of the sun. There has been a lot of confusion about the spectra for the Gavita Pro 300 LEP spectra.

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Pro 300 LEP AC. When it comes to lighting plants you need both quantity and quality. To further optimize the quality of your crop we introduced supplemental plasma light. lt adds everything to HPS light your plant needs to bring it to the next level, including UVB and UVA. gavita pro 300 lep eu review The Gavita Pro 300 LEP is a solid state horticultural plasma light fixture. There are no moving parts in the fully sealed housing, improving the reliability. The light source is a LUXIM STA 41. 02 LiFi module which has a rated average life of 30, 000 hours. At first glance, the Gavita Pro 300 LEP seems to be built with the precision of a luxury car. The housing gives the unit a study, durable feel, although its heavier than most of the plasma reflectors weve used. The Pro 300 LEP is built with a solid state design which is useful if youre trying to keep your grow quiet. Aug 31, 2011 Coral growing with the Gavita Pro 300 LEP air cooled plasma light in aquaponics at EcoCoral in Utrecht, The Netherlands. Purpose of this EU subsidized trial is to grow coral for the aquarium market. Title: Installation manual 300 LEP AC. cdr Author: tte Created Date: 12: 52: 12 AM

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