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2019-09-17 23:46

Triumph TR3 is a sports model car manufactured by Standard Triumph of England between 1955 and 1962. The popular model with a facelift known as TR3A was commissioned for manufacturing in 1957 and the last version of the model, the TR3B was manufactured in 1962.The Triumph TR line was all about evolution and refining of the breed so although there was very little to distinguish the TR3 from the TR2 it was usefully improved. triumph tr3 review

All Triumph Reviews Alongside the contemporary MGA, the Triumph TR3 is the other popular British roadster from the 1950s. Simple and reliable, the TR3 could reach 110 mph and sold very well to customers who fortunately only had performance in mind.

The TR3 supplied us by StandardTriumph Motor Company was not a supertuned cream puff. Service manager Peter Snow felt that the best way to evaluate a Triumph is to test the one that the next The Triumph TR3 2138 is just about the perfect classic Written on: by Triumphs for ever (2 reviews written) The Triumph TR3 2138 is just about the perfect classic car. No, they are not practical but that's not why you run a classic.triumph tr3 review Triumph TR3A Review. Home Triumph TR3A. 1957 Triumph TR3A 2. 0 from Netherlands. Summary: Quintessential British sports car. Faults: Some nuts and bolts dropped off. Triumph TR3's are tough cars, that will go on forever if well maintained. Like most cars that are half a century old, they do not suffer neglect very well and need a

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