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Notorious B. I. G. is meant to be one of the greatest rappers of all time. Two albums and an untimely death sort of go against that vibe. He was smooth, funny at times and inventive with his use of lyrics.18 rows  The album that reinvented East Coast rap for the gangsta age, Ready to Die made the ready to die review notorious big

Music Reviews: Ready to Die by The Notorious B. I. G. released in 1994 via Bad Boy. Genre: Hip Hop.

This is the climate that Big enters in 1994 when he unleashes his Ready to Die. Undoubtedly serving as B. I. G. 's defining work, the album is as reflective as The Wonder Years, only it's filled 6. Ready To Die (4: 24) We gon' kill yo ass claims Puff Daddy before the rapping commences. This is really powerful stuff. Biggie sounds deadly serious with every word that he says In a sec I through the tec to your fuckin neck, everybody hit the deck, Biggie bought to get some wreck .ready to die review notorious big In their original review for Ready to Die, The Source gave it fourandahalf out of five 'mics stating Big weaves tales like a cinematographer, each song is like another scene in his lifestyle. Overall, this package is complete: ridiculous beats, harmonizing honeys, ill sound

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But the shift has fossilized a certain kind of rap album, like The Notorious B. I. G. s debut Ready to Die, released in 1994. The lawlessness it describesrobberies at gunpoint on the A train ready to die review notorious big Excuse Christopher Wallace aka the Notorious B. I. G. and aka Biggie Smalls for not sounding more enthused. While recording his debut album, Ready to Die released 20 years ago this week, on The big question is probably why do I take Ready to Die over the untouchable Illmatic and the answer is quite simple: personality. Biggie just shows much more personality, versatility and swagger over the course of the album, rather than being a flawless rapping robot.

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