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Dec 27, 2012 Module taken: Sem 1 (this module is only offered in Sem1! Check life sci website(: Haha, I'm starting with reviewing this module because it was a module that I die die want to take really wanted to take.National University of Singapore. Semester 2, Master TimeTable Examination TimeTable fst2201 module review

Module Average Bid Points (, Sem: 2: Round ) The following information is accurate as of 17: 58 hrs.

This module would be cross listed by the University Scholars Programme (USP), with the module code UHB2213. A USP CLC student would be encouraged to take this module through the USP. If the USP CLC student has already taken this module through the USP, shehe would be precluded from taking it again through the CLC. Jun 03, 2012 Module reviews for final semester So before I start on my Korea posts, I shall do reviews for the modules I did in Year 3 sem 2 (Year )! Okay and now for my other elective, FST2201 FST2201: Human nutrition I strongly recommend this module because it was quite slack! Haha! Labels: module review. 4 comments: ting yufst2201 module review Dec 04, 2012 FST2201 Introduction To Human Nutrition I'm back with another module review! How were the exams for you guys? Hope they went well, mine certainly didn't. today I'm going to be reviewing FST2201! My friends and I paid a lot for this module, if I remember correctly. 1700 points or around there from the P account. Prerequisite for

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Join GitHub today. GitHub is home to over 28 million developers working together to host and review code, manage projects, and build software together. fst2201 module review Dec 10, 2007 Chapter 19Review of Yr 3 Sem 1 FST3202 must be one of the top few modules( with LSM3212 following close behind) whereby I have lost count of the number of journal articles that I have had read especially during the period when I am doing the midterm assignment. To top it off, because we have no real reference textbook for this May 02, 2007 Chapter17Review of year 2 semester 2 Alright guys, here is the summary of my year 2 semester 2. FST2201Introduction to human nutrition This module can be say to be the sequel to my GEK1529 food and health module that I took last semester since the content taught are mostly similar, the lecturer is the same and even the Module Average Bid Points (, Sem: 2: Round ) The following information is accurate as of 18: 47 hrs. Prerequisites: FST3202 (or equivalent module) and either LSM 2101 or LSM 2211; Food Science and Technology Major Workload: . The aim of this module is to examine in depth the minor components of food and how these are important in health and disease.

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