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2019-10-21 16:51

Jul 19, 2013  Review Secret Key Snow White Cream The first Secret Key product I have decided to throw onto this blog is the Snow White Cream. It says that it is a multitasking product that claims to be:Secret Key Snow White Cream might seem familiar to you since I recently reviewed the Secret Key Snow White Milky Pack. This primer slash face cream contains a good deal of niacinamide which made it tempting enough to try. secret key cream review

Dec 22, 2017 Overview. Secret Key Snow White Cream is an allinone skincare treatment that lightens, brightens, soothes, and hydrates the skin however it may cause skin irritation to sensitive skin.

Secret Keys Snow White Cream is a Niacinamide containing cream for brightening the skin. It has properties of a face primer and works great in combination with your favorite BBCC cream. Snow White is one of my favorite fairytales and in my opinion, the packaging Secret Key created for this product line is the perfect hit. Secret Key snail repairing cream Today I'm going to be reviewing the Secret Key Snail EGF repairing cream for you guys. As you will know this isn't the first snail product I've tried, but I'm currently loving experimenting with snail products and will try almost anything containing snail mucus.secret key cream review I use the cream in the night too, and pat in more in the areas that are dryer. I do think it has repairing properties. The mini bumps that I developed from the Aloe gel and Philosophy Hope in Jar (who knows! My skin rejects that too! ) subsided within hours after I apply the Secret Key snail cream!

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Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Secret Key Snail Repairing Gel Cream, 50 Gram at Amazon. com. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. From The Community This review is the for the Secret Key Snail EGF repairing Emulsion PROS: The fragrance, while not overwhelming or perfumey, smells clean and fresh secret key cream review The cream is also not very moisturizing, meaning you still have to keep up with your moisturizing routine. Overall, Secret Keys Snow White Cream is an excellent primer, and is especially useful when youre too lazy to put on makeup but still want to look naturally radiant. The Secret Key Black Snail Original Cream comes in a pearly black, elegant yet simple packaging. It is in a jar with a twistedopen cap. Not very hygienic this way but Oct 14, 2015 A review of the Secret Key Snow White Milky Pack and Cream. Products that claim that the whiter the skin the more beautiful the person, which is total BS. Nov 25, 2017  The silicones in Secret Keys Rose Water Base Gel Cream makes the product extremely thick. After application of the gel cream, the product topically remains on the skin for about 5 minutes (refer to photo above). In saying this, this is easily manageable by using less product.

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