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Slide Rule. From 1932 to 1938 Slide Rule describes the development of a new company in a new industry, with the venture capital often raised by its initial employees. Truth is often stranger than fiction, and this autobiography takes on almost heroic dimensions as various threatening events take place which make success seem like a miracle.As I have purchased various slide rule instruction books over time, I've usually searched the web for reviews which might be useful in helping guide those acquisitions. Generally, the reviews I've found tend to be oneparagraph summaries (sometimes less). slide rule reviews

At this time, there are very few reviews available for this website or their courses, other than general reviews which explain to people what this website claims to offer.

AllMusic Review by Thom Owens. On Slide Rule, Jerry Douglas moves away from the jazz experiments of Plant Early, returning to the straightforward bluegrass of his early work. The result is a stunner, featuring not only a remarkable performance from Douglas, but also from an Publisher's Description. One is a single and the other is a dual type. The single slide rule is designed for beginner, consisting of K, A, B, CI, C and D scales only. The dual slide rule has scales as shown in the image. This application keeps displaying on the top layer byslide rule reviews Cube Slide Rule Lite Free The slide rule (also known as slipstick) is an mechanical analog computer which can perform various scientific calculations.

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Slide rule trainer helps you to perform calculations on a slide rule. slide rule reviews Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for The Slide Rule, and How to Use It at Amazon. com. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. The sliding lens also has some off quirks not lining up straight. It certainly would never be used effectively as a slide rule. Also the case is incredibly cheap and pretty ugly. On the plus side, if you are just getting it to play with and learn how slide rules work or as a conversation piece, Community Reviews. In Slide Rule, among other things, he tells the story of the British government sponsoring the simultaneous building of two dirigibles, one by private industry and one by government subsidy. The results are exactly what you might expect. A, you should pardon the pun, riveting read.

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