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2019-12-11 15:08

Augustus, by British historian Anthony Everitt, is a detailed biography of Rome's first emperor. A few aspects of Octavian's (Augustus' name before the Senate voted him the honorific Augustus ) that I found particularly interesting include the following. 1. Octavian was aJan 01, 2006 A nice introduction and review of Augustus. Nothing particularly new in this book, but Everitt has a flair for narrative biography. IF you are new to Anthony Everitt, I'd suggest reading in the following order: 1. The Rise of Rome 3 stars 2. Cicero 4 stars 3. Augustus 4 stars 4. Hadrian and the Triumph of Rome 3 stars augustus by anthony everitt book review

Anthony Everitt has followed up his excellent biography of the Roman orator Cicero with this fine biograpy of Augustus (Octavian was his real name) who reigned form 27 BC14 AD being succeeded by his stepson Tiberius who was the natural son of Augustus'wife Livia. , Augustus was the grandnephew of Julius Caesar.

About Anthony Everitt. Anthony Everitt, visiting professor in the visual and performing arts at Nottingham Trent University, has written extensively on European culture, and is the author of Cicero and Augustus. British author Everitt begins his biography of Augustus (63 B. C. Augustus: The Life of Rome's First Emperor Anthony MORE BOOKS YOU'D LIKE.augustus by anthony everitt book review Augustus: The Life of Rome's First Emperor by Anthony Everitt [Augustus himself is a shadowy figure. Many books have been written about his achievements, but they have tended to focus on the Augustan age, rather than on the man as he was.

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The First Emperor: Caesar Augustus and the Triumph of Rome by Anthony Everitt 432pp, John Murray, 25. Even where a historical figure is the greatest letterwriter of his era, or an obsessive augustus by anthony everitt book review GET WEEKLY BOOK RECOMMENDATIONS: Email Address Subscribe Although reliable and unbiased documentary evidence for a biography of Augustus is scant, Everitt carefully sifts through what does exist and lets us know when hes speculating, when hes inferring. MORE BY ANTHONY EVERITT. Nonfiction. THE RISE OF ATHENS. by Anthony Everitt Oct 05, 2009  Book Review: Augustus by Anthony Everitt The Body Politic My education on the foundation of the Roman Empire is complete, for the moment, now that I have closed the cover on Anthony Everitts Augustus.

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