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2019-09-16 11:35

With the 18MP EOS 60D Canon has unashamedly moved the X0D range out of the 'semi pro' bracket and instead focused on the enthusiast photographer looking to upgrade from their Rebel. From a spec and feature point of view it sits almost exactly halfway between the EOS 550D and the EOS 7D. Canon EOS 60D Review Samples. Support DPReviewCanon EOS 60D. Announced Aug 26 Canon EFEFS Focal length multiplier 1. 6 Screen viewfinder; Articulated LCD @ dpreview Tweets by @dpreview. Latest reviews. Peak Design Travel Backpack 45L. Panasonic Lumix DCLX100 II. 82 Nikon Z6. Canon EOS R. 79 Nikon Z7. 89 canon 60d specifications dpreview

Nov 11, 2010 Canon EOS 60D vs 50D: Key Differences. Placing the 50D alongside the 60D it becomes clear that the new camera is not a simply a direct upgrade but a repositioned model. The most obvious difference is that it's smaller and, of course, no longer features a metal body.

Nov 11, 2010 Canon EOS 60D: 96 viewfinder. Articulated screen. Canon has unveiled the EOS 60D midlevel DSLR, replacing the EOS 50D. However, following the launch of the EOS 7D, the 60D has been repositioned in the market, so isn't a simple upgrade to its predecessor. As DPReview enters its 20th year of publishing, we spoke to the site's founder Nov 11, 2010  Canon EOS 60D specifications. Price (body only) 1, 099 1, 149 1, 099. 99: To my mind Canon EOS 60D is great for the ambitious amateur or dedicated professional, this Canon DSLR camera makes it a snap to produce highquality pictures and movies. Canon has unveiled the EOS 60D midlevel DSLR, replacing the EOS 50Dcanon 60d specifications dpreview Nov 11, 2010  Now reading: Canon EOS 60D Review 2 comments. 2 Canon EOS 60D Review. Published Nov 10, 2010 The 60D sees Canon's midrange migrate to SDSDHCSDXC cards (the 50D and all its predecessors were CompactFlash). Happy New Year from DPReview

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