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The Unitron Moxi Kiss is a receiver in the ear hearing aid that has an ingress protection rating of IP57 and uses size 312 hearing aid batteries. Technology levels include the Moxi Kiss 20, the Moxi Kiss Pro, the Moxi Kiss 12, the Moxi Kiss 6, and the Moxi Kiss E.The Dura is a brand new style from Unitron this year. It is designed with a robust case and a size 13 battery. The Dura is slightly larger than the other two styles and the only one with a multifunction switch for the most user control. unitron moxi kiss 20 reviews

I am wearing Moxi pro kiss 20. Could you please describe me about Unitron Moxi fit R ( specs, differences with my current hearing aid) thanks Andreas. Andreas. May 28, 2017 9: 21 am. Reply. Can you please email me some more info on the 600R, also on the remote control if available Regards

Unitron T Moxi Fit R is the newest addition to Unitron's Moxi Fit family, this time running on the new Tempus platform (more on that below). Moxi Fit is a popular form factor for Unitron, largely due to the small size and discretion of Moxi Fit devices. Every style in the Moxi receiverincanal (RIC) family is designed to meet patient needs and make them smile. Because thats what the best families do. Style that gets their attention. Sound that keeps them happy. Thats Moxi.unitron moxi kiss 20 reviews Moxi Dura is the largest of Unitrons open ear RIC hearing aids and is designed to stylishly accommodate a larger, size 13 battery for those that need longer battery life or more power. Dura is also the only model capable of handling the Super Power Plus receiver for more severe hearing losses.

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Unitron moxi 2 kiss 20 crt rx s create the best first fit experience for your patient both product families incorporate signature technologies that deliver the ease of listening and clarity of speech necessary to create a best first fit experience and overall increased patient satisfaction. unitron moxi kiss 20 reviews Unitron is a reputable, oldestablished manufacturer of hearing aids. The company is a solid manufacturer of hearing aids whose products are on par with much of the contemporary hearing aid industry. Connect Hearing is committed to providing industryleading hearing health care in our nationwide network of hearing centers. Our toprated hearing care professionals provide expert advice on diagnosing hearing loss and consulting on the latest technology in hearing aids. Unitron's Tempus Moxi Now is the world's smallest wireless RICstyle hearing aid, and the design of the entire line of Moxi hearing aids is truly second to none. They're tiny, cute, and pleasantly contoured, with a smooth finish and no extraneous switches or buttons sticking out. Moxi Kiss; Moxi Kiss is a new Unitron technology designed to provide clearer hearing along with the most natural sound. It is dust and water resistant and according to the manufacturer, The Moxi family of hearing aids goes beyond great looks, offering sophisticated performance, too.

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