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2019-08-24 08:11

Sep 01, 2009 When we got the Mizuno MP58 irons on the range, we immediately noticed that the MP58s have a much thinner sole and topline than the old MP57 model and Mizuno say this modification has enhanced forgiveness by keeping the centre of gravity close to the clubface.MP58 Irons Review Mizuno irons have long adorned the bags of many good players around the world. A large percentage of the nearscratch guys at my club mizuno irons review mp-58

Mizuno MP58 3PW Iron Set with Steel Shafts Introducing the MP58 Irons from Mizuno with revolutionary Dual Muscle Titanium Technology. During the complex grain flow forging process, a hightech titanium metal is forged into the outer muscle of the iron, which not only delivers the feel, workability and shape every MP player desires, but also

MP58 irons have a wider sweet spot The second of the Readingbased company's new irons in the consistently excellent MP range, the Mizuno MP58 perfectly complements the Mizuno MP68. Its a Mizuno MP 58 Review. If someone took a survey, most professional and serious amateur players would say Mizuno irons have been some of the finest for decades now. Its because few (if any) golf club companies have had the same type of success with forged irons as Mizuno.mizuno irons review mp-58 Mizuno MP58 Iron Review. The MP58 provides a solid option not only for the mid level handicap player but for the scratch player as well. Share this with your golf buddies: Mizuno irons have long adorned the bags of many good players around the world. A large percentage of the nearscratch guys at my club are playing them and have

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I have played with Mizuno irons for about 6 months and I love them. I have the MP 57 47 iron and MP 68 8PW. I would have gotten the MP 58, but they don't make them left handed. mizuno irons review mp-58 Mizuno MP58 (They Just Found A Place In My Bag! ) I first have to say that I really did try and try again to find a better set of irons to beat out the new Mizuno MP58 irons in headtohead competitionbut I just couldnt do it. A thinner topline and sole (than the retired MP57) anchor the MP58s centre of gravity close to the clubface ensuring that increased forgiveness is not created at the expense of a penetrating ball flight or workability. The Mizuno MP58 Irons not only won a Gold Award on this years Today's Golfer but also got the 'best on test' award as Used Mizuno MP 58 Forged Iron Set 3P (. Mizuno Condition Chart. The single club photo is the 6 iron to show a reference to the length of the iron set. All single pieces (drivers, fairway woods, The Mizuno MP58 irons each feature a dual muscle cavity back and the revolutionary Muscle Titanium technology which combines forged steel for amazing feel and playability. It allows for more perimeter weighting for more forgiveness without giving up feel or consistency. The durable doublenickel chrome plating provides a classic look.

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