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2019-10-17 13:58

The Russells Reserve 10 Year Small Batch, which comes to us from the fine folks at Wild Turkey, is great and if someone were to come over to my house and ask the question whats bourbon taste like? this is what I would give them. It has that amazing toffee vanilla spice that symbolizes the classic bourbon flavor profile and wouldWild Turkey is distilled and bottled by Austin Nichols& Co. , a division of the Campari Group. Russell's Reserve was first released in 2001 as a Wild Turkey line extension, named in honor of veteran Wild Turkey Master Distiller Jimmy Russell. wild turkey russell's reserve review

Russells Reserve Rye 6 Year (90 Proof 40) Perhaps the biggest surprise in the Wild Turkey tasting, Russells Reserve is one of the purest expressions of rye weve tasted. Pure gold in color, the nose for this rye is strong green apple with undertones of honey.

Russells Reserve 2002 is a fullflavored, complex, yet straightforward bourbon that takes everything you might love about Wild Turkey and dials it up a notch or two. Russells Reserve 2002 is We review Russell's Reserve 10 Year Old Bourbon, a older Wild Turkey product that is a big, bold crush of a whiskey.wild turkey russell's reserve review Aug 08, 2018 Read our full review of Russell's Reserve 2002, arguably Wild Turkey's best whiskey release of the year. Find out why our reviewer thinks it's well worth the 250 price tag.

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Russells Reserve 10 is named after Wild Turkeys Jimmy Russell. It was launched commemorating his 45th anniversary in 1999. Its selected by Jimmy and his son Eddie who have nearly 90 combined years of experience. Jimmy protested releasing Russells Reserve 10 with his name. wild turkey russell's reserve review Russells Reserve Single Barrel. Launched in 2013, Russells Reserve Single Barrel comes in at 110proof and is nonchilled filtered. I find Wild Turkeys lineup to be a little confusing with some overlap. Russells Reserve has become its own brand that to me has some parallels to the Wild Turkey brands. This year, Eddie and his father Master Distiller Jimmy Russell celebrate 101 years of combined experience at the Wild Turkey distillery a fitting homage to the Wild Turkey 101 Bourbon that launched Jimmys career more than 60 years ago. Wild Turkey Bourbon is superpremium American bourbon, made in Lawrenceburg, Kentucky by Master Distiller Jimmy Russell. Real Kentucky Straight Bourbon made in the USA. Uncompromising since 1855. Please complete all required information. RUSSELLS RESERVE SINGLE BARREL BOURBON. Despite multiple years of lessthanamazing releases, Russells Reserve 1998 is a true testament of how great Wild Turkey bourbon can still be. Russells Reserve 1998 is part of a growing wave of premium priced bourbon that dares to break the 200 barrier that a

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