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2019-12-11 14:46

Naughty Bear just doesn't feel quite finished. The controls are horribly dizzying, and bad camera angles lead players to miss approaching enemies. The controls are horribly dizzying, and bad camera angles lead players to miss approaching enemies.Naughty Bear review. By. Steven Hopper May 4, 2012. Naughty Bear strives to be tasteless and base, but in order for a game to truly pull that off it has to be funny, which Naughty Bear naughty bear review

Jun 30, 2010  Naughty Bear Review. Share. Unbearable. By Greg Miller. I've only played a few hours of Naughty Bear, but I don't need to waste any more of my time to

Naughty Bear is a great looking game by iPhone standards, but I found that the swipe controls used to direct the bear's movement are in most cases unresponsive and frustrating. All this publication's reviews Jun 25, 2010 Gameplay: Naughty bears gameplay is a dream come true, there is special moves like, sticking bears in fridges, brutally axing them and much more. There is a fairly big selection of weapons to use, from simple twigs to uzi's.naughty bear review Jun 30, 2010  ignore the review and reviewer guys and gals, hes the same person that moaned at scene it, saying all u do is answer questions, well yeah its a trivia game ffs, naughty bear

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Naughty Bear is an action game with one joke, and it's in the title. You play as Naughty Bear himself, who flips out after not being invited to a birthday party. The proportionate response for the naughty bear review Naughty Bear Playstation 3. by 505 Games. Platform: PlayStation 3 Change. Price: 11. 99 4. 99 shipping. Write a review. Add to Cart. Jolly good! Egged on by a slightymanic English narrator, Naughty's antics get more than a bit repetitive, and there are times when the game play and controls are so glitchy it kinda kills it. Allinall

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