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2019-08-24 11:15

The POD HD is the newest member of the family, and its packed with great simulationsincluding 22 amplifier models based on classics like the Fender Deluxe Reverb, Hiwatt DR103, and Vox AC15, as well as modern and boutique models like the Dr. Z Route 66, Bogner berschall, and an ENGL Fireball 100.Single digit display, a row of control knobs along the bottom, input and headphone jacks, amp and effect selector knobs on either side of the unit and a large number of inputs and outputs on the back. pod hd pro review ultimate guitar

POD HD Pro X gives you more power than ever to define your sound. It's the ultimate tone palette, whether you want to recreate classics or go somewhere new. And thanks to HD technology, POD HD Pro X provides the depth, character and touch nuance to inspire your creativity.

May 20, 2014 Line 6, Inc. today introduced the new POD HD Pro X guitar multieffects processor and studio interface, replacing the popular POD HD Pro. Like the recently released POD HD500X, POD HD Pro X features more DSP processing power than before, giving musicians even greater flexibility for creating complex signal paths and unique, intricate tones. The Line 6 POD HD Pro X Rackmount Guitar Effects Processor is the ultimate tone shaping tool for guitarists who demand the best! With an extensive collection of renowned HD amps and over 100 studio and stomp effects, the POD HD Pro X allows you to recreate classic tones or go somewhere new.pod hd pro review ultimate guitar Well I've been wanting to get a rackmount allinone effects system lately, and I don't have the big bucks to shell out for an AxeFX, so Im looking

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Centerpiece of Your Guitar Rig It doesn't matter if you use a guitar amp, go straight to the PA or take advantage of a nextgen fullrange guitar rigPOD HD Pro X is the ideal centerpiece for any guitar setup. It's got a full complement of IO, so you can incorporate virtually any combination of vintage and modern equipment into your rigand it pod hd pro review ultimate guitar Welcome to our Line 6 POD HD 500 review. The HD 500 is the flagship multi effects floor processor from Line 6. It aims to be the complete solution for guitarists looking for a wide selection of emulated amp models and effects from classic pedals for live and studio performance. Line 6 recently released the X series, upgraded versions of their flagship POD HD Pro and HD500 models. The POD HD Pro X is a rackmountable, allinclusive guitar system that puts scores of cool sounds at your disposal. The X Factor The HD Pro X is built around. . . Plug your guitar in and run an output to your amp; you're ready to rock! A stereo effects sendreturn lets you add your own rack effects or pedals to the mix. Or use the Pod HD Pro X's balanced outputs and inject your Pod HD Pro X's signal straight into a live or studio mixer. POD HD Pro Edit goes way beyond the standard editorlibrarian software to give you a full test bed for experimenting with sounds and finetuning every aspect of your tone, with separate sections for Effects, Amps, Mixer and Set Lists. POD HD Pro is a free download from

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