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Bose and the Acoustimass Line Bose is continuing its Acoustimass product line since more than 2 decades and many elements of its speakers have remained very similar. The Acoustimass 5 series 2, in this case it is the Redline edition, was produced in 1990 and consists of 2 pairs of 2 speakers and the typical acoustimass subwoofer.Bose Acoustimass 5 Speaker System, ideal for stereo or home theater use Black Purchased the Bose Acoustimass 5 in replacement of my 15 years Polk Audio speakers which deteriorated at the paper diaphram. Tested on a few of my collections. Kitaro drum solo acoustimass 5 bose review

The Bose Acoustimass 5s are a set of home theater and general home listening speakers. It has two smaller speakers and then has a large sub woofer. While I don't own these speakers, I have heard them used a number of times at a friends house for testing out mixes and for general listening.

The Bose Acoustimass 5 Series II, like its predecessor, was able to handle enormous power inputs without damage or serious distortion. At 100 Hz, there was no sign of speaker overload or bottoming at 790 watts into its 8ohm impedance, the point where our amplifier clipped. Bose Acoustimass 5 Series III Home Theater Speaker Systems user reviews: 3. 6 out of 5 20 reviews audioreview. comacoustimass 5 bose review Apr 07, 2009 Bose acoustimass 5 any good? Discussion in 'Home Cinema Speakers' started by steeleez, Oct 28, 2007. Page 2 of 2 Prev 1 2. It is very interesting that I see so many negative reviews of the Bose Acoustimass 5 (AM5) loudspeaker system and I have to say, I have been puzzled.

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The Acoustimass 5 system includes DirectReflecting Series II cube speakers and a larger, more powerful Acoustimass module for more spacious sound. While both systems perform well in any room, the Acoustimass 5 system is the better choice for larger spaces. Acoustimass 5 system acoustimass 5 bose review

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